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RENAULT Consult RVI Trucks [04.2017]
Renault Trucks 
RENAULT Consult RVI Trucks [04.2017]
Spare parts Catalog for Renault Trucks

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Region: All Region
Type: Spare parts Catalog
Version: v4.16
Language: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD
OS: Windows
Year: 2017
Date Release: 04/2017

Spare parts catalogue of parts and accessories for Renault trucks.


The spare parts catalogue Renault Lorry of spare parts on lorries of firm RENAULT, Works on VIN to a code. There is a history of replacement of numbers, search under number and the name spare parts. The program Renault Lorry works from a 2 compact disc, full installation on a hard disk is possible{probable}, very simpl in installation. It is updated quarterly. It is required to translate date back.

Spare Parts Catalog RENAULT CONSULT contains the full information on lorries and minibuses of firm RENAULT. It is delivered on two CDs. At installation borrows{occupies} 900 Mb if to work from CD and 1.6 Gb at full installation. Has the simple and accessible interface. For identification of the machine first 6-8 symbols VIN are used. If after installation the program does not show figures, find in directory Windows a file consult.ini and check up a penultimate line " drivegraph=C: " she{it} should specify an arrangement of a directory with figures Graph, if necessary she{it} can be copied on the winchester and to specify the letter of a "rigid" disk or specify the letter of CD ROM.
the Description of work with the program Renault Lorry in English.
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