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JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics v2.0 [02.2016] + KEYGEN
Noregon JPRO Commercial 
JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics v2.0 [02.2016] + KEYGEN
Noregon JPRO® Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

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Region: All regions 
Languages: English
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows 7,WIN8
Version: v2.0
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD
Year: 2016
Date of update: 02/2016

Support for the new International N13 Engine.

Coverage Updates (Available as a part of JPRO Fleets 2016 v2.0):
Auxiliary Components
M2 Bulkhead Module
Bendix Wingman Systems

NEW! JPRO® Command Module — Mack and Volvo — Available NOW!

New functionality in JPRO Command Module — Mack and Volvo includes:
Bi-directional testing and controls on 2007 and newer Mack or Volvo vehicles with Mack and Volvo engines.
Reads vehicle controllers on the truck and displays detailed fault codes and component data.
Displays information on all Mack and Volvo components and other non-Mack and Volvo components (such as ABS, Electronic transmissions and power units.) In one glance, a technician can see vehicle temps, battery life, gauges and switches.
Performs critical commanded tests and bi-directional testing and functions on Mack and Volvo engines, including: Manual Regeneration of the diesel particulate filter; cylinder cut out tests for fuel injectors; set road and cruise control speed tests, set parameters for idle shutdown times; reset trip data
Generate trip report information, including: total running time and distance, fuel economy, average driving speed, idle times, hard braking and other data related to the vehicle driver performance.

- Support for the new JPRO® with ASIST module which provides the ability to
  upload vehicle connection data to the ASIST platform, developed by Decisiv for 
  Volvo and Mack Trucks
  NOTE: Installing the ASIST module will require personnel with ASIST Admin level
  access to provide ASIST Username and Password.
  NOTE: The ASIST module require either a heavy-duty or medium-duty module to be able
  to connect to vehicles.
- JPRO® Heavy-Duty Module
   - Data Monitor update to show Power Diagram to aid in the diagnosis
     of electrical problems
   - Support for Paccar 2010 and newer CAN Body Controllers
   - Clear faults support for Paccar engine controllers
   - Support for more proprietary sensor data on Detroit engines

- JPRO® Heavy-Duty Command Module - Detroit
   - Additional Bi-Directional support for Detroit engines:
      - Cylinder Cut-Off now available for 2000-2014
      - DPF Service Regen now available for 2007-2014

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