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Nissan & Infiniti Fast EPC [04.2017]
Nissan & Infiniti Fast EPC [04.2017]
Spare parts catalogue Nissan & Infiniti  

[Image: fknmlw.png]
[Image: 1jrhgy.png]
[Image: aub58n.png]
[Image: 2vv2r7m.jpg]
[Image: 2rp4myb.png]
[Image: 8vtcfa.png]

Quote:Region: Europen market
Languages: English 
Type: Spare Parts Catalog
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7
Year: 2017
Date of update: 04/2017

Spare parts catalogue Nissan contains the catalogue of details for all models Nissan of Europen market.
In the catalogue Nissan the information on spare parts of cars Nissan of the released for European, Asian, American, Canadian, Japanese markets, including Infiniti is presented.

The electronic catalogue of spare parts Nissan Fast for Windows contains the catalogue of details for all models Nissan. The catalogue of spare parts Nissan Fast consists from 10CD: EL1, EL2, ER, GL1, GL2, GR, USA1, USA2, USA3 (Infiniti), Canada. The part of machines and microbuses of firm Nissan issued in Spain, are on disk Nissan Spain (Spain), it is the separate program with other mantle (does not enter into complete set Nissan ALL). Cars and microbuses of firm Nissan with the right arrangement of a rudder issued for the Japanese market, are on disks Nissan Japan, the mantle of the program is similar Nissan Fast, only all names of details are executed in the Japanese language. Check versions of components the given complete set of programs on a site. To orient in necessary disks, the mentioned below table will help.

Quote:* JN1 cars made in Japan
* VSK cars made in Spain (NMISA)
* SJN cars made in England (NMUK)
* JNK cars made Infinity in Japan
* JN6 lorries and microbuses made in Japan for the USA and Canada
* JN8 multipurpose cars (minivans, jeeps) made in Japan for the USA and Canada
* 1N4 cars made in the USA (NMM)
* 1N6 lorries and microbuses made in the USA (NMM)

The identifier of the manufacturer in Vin (first three symbols Vin)

Quote:* F2 the basic window of indexes of groups of spare parts
* F3 transition to figure under number of section (SEC)
* F4 search of figure under number and the name of section (SEC)
* F5 translation of number of a detail in figure in original number of a detail
* F6 a press{seal}
* F7 search of a detail or figure under the name
* F9 a note
* F12 clearing of the screen
* F11 an estimation of damage from crash

To change color of a background at illustrations in the program, it is enough to press the button “*” on the right block of keys of the keyboard.
[Image: 6rnijb.png]

Contact Admin for more details about this manual .

[Image: wjb3g2.gif]
Thanks given by: joteogadantee , SteveWab , mapedBef

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